Enabling Fulfilled Lives for Individuals with Autism

Every Individual with Autism has unique abilities.

1 in 44 children in The United States is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (CDC Data)

With 3.75M people born in the US every year, that’s 85k new autism diagnoses, which equates to 1.5M individuals with autism entering the workforce in the next 18 years.

Very few parents know where to begin, so they can provide the most opportunities for their child. We’re going to alleviate that angst. Every individual with autism should know their path and have the resources to walk it.

Join us for phase one of our journey as we conduct weekly video and telephone interviews with individuals with autism, parents, doctors, educators, lawyers, police, employers, and so many others.

Our mission is to transition their unique abilities into capabilities, then turn capabilities into long-lasting careers that become foundational to self-sustaining and fulfilled lives. 

We will leave no stone unturned as we first seek to understand before we seek to solve. In the end, we will have a self-sustaining and scalable infrastructure to provide every individual with autism a path forward. 

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