Pathways for Autism

Large-Scale Impact

The traditional employment-agency model, while impactful, can’t scale to meet the needs of the entire autistic population. While employment is critically important, to us it’s simply the first step towards independence. 

Pathways aspires to support the autistic population throughout life’s entire journey. 

Currently, we’re focused on…

Job Creation & Activation

Pathways proactively identifies or creates roles that employ large numbers of job seekers across the nation.

If a candidate is job-ready, great! If not, they can receive free training on the various roles we support.

We also work with third-party partners who provide additional training or upskilling, for which fees may be charged.

Employer-of-Record Services

EOR services are available for businesses who want to hire and directly manage autistic employees, while also leveraging Pathways’ support system and infrastructure.

If you’re new to the world of autistic employees, EOR services can enable smooth onboarding and employee-management processes. 

Those that want to mature into a self-managed program, that option is provided as well. However, we do not train companies on creating more-inclusive cultures, nor instruct on how to properly employ autistic individuals, but we can recommend partners who specialize in these areas.

Funding for
Local Programs

We partner with many local groups, such as the Autism Society of Greater Orlando, that work tirelessly to provide programming and services to the general autistic population.

These organizations rely on public and charitable funds, which can be insufficient and unreliable.

When a job seeker gains employment via Pathways, a portion of our revenue will be given to their local organization each year, for the duration of their employment.

For the average region or territory, employing just 500 local job seekers can fund an organization’s entire annual operating budget.

Career Support & Development

We are not in the business of simply filling seats in an office.

While we strive to foster financial independence through career development, we also consider the individual needs and desires of each candidate personally and professionally.

When appropriate, we are happy to involve personal support networks.


Our resources will help autistic individuals and their support networks navigate life’s journey with absolute confidence. 

No more endless phone calls, web searches, and dead ends. 

Get what you need to support your family from a trusted source.