Pathways for Autism

Our Vision

To create a global, financially self-sustaining infrastructure that empowers every individual with autism to live their best lives as safely and independently as possible.

Our Mission

To empower the autistic population with the confidence, skills, support, and access to opportunities they need to live and thrive anywhere in the world.


Access to Careers

Physical Offices (optional)

Everyday Life Support
(adulting with autism)

We Value...

Staying Focused on Our Vision, Mission, and Values

Our purpose is to serve the autistic population, without losing sight of our vision, mission, and values.

If others want to pursue a similar mission, to serve a different population, we’re happy to provide guidance and assistance.

Staying Community
Owned & Governed


The community controls ownership of the organization. No other entities can have ownership.


The community has a material say in the general direction of the Pathways organization and use of resources, ensuring Pathways is always acting in the best interests of the community.

Our Differences

As they say… 

When you’ve met one person with autism, you’ve met ONE person with autism. 

Each of us has our own unique superpowers and challenges. Leveraging and enhancing those superpowers, while acknowledging, embracing, and supporting challenges, is a core value.


We must be open with ourselves, the autistic community, and our employer customers. This means complete transparency about past actions, current situations, and future intentions.


To maintain accountability to the autism community and to our employer customers, our stated objectives and commitments must be measurable; implementing success benchmarks wherever possible.

Doing What’s Right

In any situation, no matter who’s involved or the potential outcome, we must always do the right thing.

We must also have empathy towards colleagues, customers, job seekers, and the autism community.

With this mindset shared across the Pathways ecosystem, along with flexibility to change policies and make exceptions when needed, we can maintain our moral balance.