Pathways for Autism

Adults with Autism

We help you...

Overcome Obstacles

Pathways is much more than an employer. 

We’re here to support you, whether you’re facing barriers to employment, changing professional needs, or other life challenges.

Leverage Your Strengths

You have talents that employers might not see.

We know how to identify and enhance your strengths, leading to the right employment path where your superpowers will shine.

Find a Career

Temporary, short-term work can be a great starting point, but we can help guide you toward a viable, meaningful, long-term career.

Power Achievable Dreams

It’s time to go beyond surviving and to begin thriving. 

Employment not only powers achievable dreams, it positively impacts your entire support network.

Small-to-Medium Employers

For companies with Fewer Than 1,000 Employees...

We Provide Services

Nearly all businesses strive to be diverse and inclusive, but lack the expertise and infrastructure to hire confidently from the autistic community.

That Power Your Business

Pathways is exploring a variety of industries to learn what roles can be filled at scale.

Current Industries (various roles)

Pathways is also inventing specialized roles that leverage some common traits of autistic individuals, such as attention to detail and ability to perform repetitive tasks.

By Leveraging Exceptional People

The autism community is brimming with untapped talent.

Employees who can perform their roles across a variety of functions can impact your business in ways you never thought possible.

To Deliver Unparalleled Results

Maybe you want to do good in the world. Maybe you’re personally impacted by autism. No matter your other reasons, you still have a business to run and ROI is critical.

Before any business makes a commitment to employ, we document:

  • Quantifiable business-impact projections
  • Key performance indicators for success benchmarking
  • Performance review cadence preferences
We promised exceptional people, but we also deliver and commit to exceptional results.

While Forever Impacting Lives

No matter the reason for hiring an autistic employee, you’re making someone’s dream a reality.

A productive career means financial freedom, security, and independence.

You’re also impacting more than just the employee. The impact on the lives around the employee is tremendous (parents, grandparents, siblings, friends, etc.).


Mentra and its ecosystem of partners have all the talent, services, and infrastructure required to serve the neuroinclusion needs of an enterprise organization. 

We recommend that 100% of autistic job seekers exploring Pathways also create a free candidate profile on Mentra. 

Our partnership with Mentra helps us match autistic job seekers with our roles faster, but also provides them with an opportunity to be considered for roles with some of the largest companies in the world. 

These companies are intentionally hiring from this population and have open roles posted on the Mentra platform.

Greater Than
1,000 Employees